Dirty Librarian Chains

Company: Dirty Librarian Chains is a unique jewelry collection that possesses an edgy, understated and yet slightly askew elegance. The finished pieces are meticulously composed, and a result of draping, knotting and tangling vintage costume jewelry into new designs. The current collection of Dirty Librarian Chains continues to incorporate reworked vintage costume jewelry that is hand picked from dead-stock as well as second-hand sources. The materials and components of each design constantly change based on what is available, making each piece one of a kind as well as creating a unique history that arises from the interaction of individual vintage components.
Retail Price Range: $50-175
address: Brooklyn, NY
phone/fax: 512-585-8996 / 888-571-3727
Contact person: Susan Domelsmith

Feral Childe

Company: Feral Childe is the bi-coastal collaboration of artists Alice Wu & Moriah Carlson. Feral Childe cobbles together fanciful clothing and accessories, adapting art-making processes for renegade sewing techniques. The resulting garments flaunt playful silhouettes and curiously elegant tailoring. Feral Childe created and presented the Fall/Winter 2007 Collection "Canadian Alphabet" while artists-in-residence at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada. The collection features textiles prints created from sketchbook drawings and paper collages produced during the residency. "Canadian Alphabet"is a wearable and fantastical documentation of the people, places, and things encountered on Feral Childe's Canadian Adventures.

Retail Price Range: $80-345

Address: Brooklyn, NY/Oakland, CA
269 Douglass St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
East Coast: Moriah Carlson 347-225-7287
West Coast: Alice Wu 917-541-4306


Rust Belt

Company: Rust Belt makes jewelry sourced from re-purposed materials usinglow-impact, environmentally conscious practices. All work is handmade& can be special ordered in any metal.

Retail Price Range: $88-200

address: Rust Belt432 Olive St
Philadelphia, PA19123
phone: 804.814.2126
Contact person: Page Neal

loyale clothing

Company: loyale is a women’s apparel company that merges sophistication, style, sustainable fabrics and fair trade. loyale's philosophy is three fold: translate runway trends, create functional clothing and be cognizant of our role in society and on the environment. Jenny launched the company in the spring of 2005 after noticing a dearth of stylish and sustainable clothing within the fashion market. loyale is recognized for its creation of unique, feminine pieces that are made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo jersey, hemp blends and vegan silks. Additionally, all loyale products are made in New York City’s garment center and a percentage of annual sales are donated to Green Corps, a non-profit that educates the future generation of environmental leaders. The collection is sold in 40 stores internationally and has been featured in Vogue, Elle, the New York Times and In Style.

Retail Price Range: $60-425

address: 2753 Broadway #219
New York, NY 10025
contact person: Jenny Hwa

Rowena Sartin

Company: Rowena Sartin integrates specific family memorabilia with studies of geometric shapes and volume to create a an on-going dialogue between old and new, incident and experience, the modest and the bold. Each collection aims to express a deep value for originality andindividualism through the art of clothing.

Retail Price Range: $135-345

address: 994 Everett Street, #2
Los Angeles, CA 90026
phone/fax: 323-719-1079
contact person: Kristin Dickson


Company: Soft silhouettes with childlike charm describes modaspia, the dress line designed by ursula dean in the sierra foothills of california. Unique details like hand-made flowers and applique lend a sense of whimsy while signature prints reflect mood and season. Modaspia's look takes inspiration from countless old fairy tale books, an endless source of unusual color combinations and antiquated dressing details that translate beautifully into the modern girl's wardrobe. Modaspia aims to create clothing that becomes a keepsake, something coveted and special to it's owner to stand the test of time.

Retail Price Range: $105-198

address: Modaspia 5120 mineral way placerville, ca 95667
phone/fax: (510)772-3193 / (866) 579-4877
contact person: Ursula Dean

Stunning Details

Company: Stunning Details by Rhonda Reagan is a collection of handcrafted designer gemstone jewelry created with sterling silver and gold-filled wire and chain, semi-precious gemstones, and freshwater pearls. Rhonda uses many different jewelry making techniques including wire wrapping, traditional metalsmithing, resin, and more. Her Fall 2007 Collection focuses on metals and gemstones, incorporating them in new and exciting ways. The Spring 2008 Collection promises to be even more exciting with the addition of mixed metals, metalsmithing techniques, and custom-colored resin pieces.

Retail Price Ranges: $25-250

address: Stunning Details by Rhonda Reagan
1923 SE 11th Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33990
phone: 239-634-3634
contact person: Rhonda Reagan

Smart Fitzjerrell

Company: Smart Fitzjerrell is a contemporary women's clothing collection about good-humored style that breaks the rules of convention and still looks invariably polished.

Retail Price Points: $185-400

Address: Smart Fitzjerrell
229 East 21st Street, No. 17
New York, NY 10010
contact person: Mary Kathryn


Company: Habitude is a line of contemporary women's eco fashion with a modern,feminine appeal.

Retail Price Range: $78-220

address:Habitude3958 South Better Drive
Dallas, TX 75229
phone/fax: 214-295-4185 / 714-276-2288
contact person: Laura Chapuis

Glint Jewellery

Company: Glint is an exquisitely detailed but unfussy range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made by hand in London by designer-maker Kate Wood.
The jewellery has a distinctive, time-worn look and yet retains a modern simplicity. Influenced by the repetition and subtle variations seen in organic forms, it achieves an effortless, natural appearance that belies its meticulous and time-consuming construction.

Retail Price Range: $60-700

address: 43b St Mark's Rise, London E8 2NL
phone: +44 (0)20 3076 1466
contact person: Kate Wood

Nicola Fan

Company: Nicola Fan designs a line of womenswear that is young and sexy in attitude; cut and draped in luxurious silk jerseys, wools and cottons. Her dresses are infused with eye-catching silhouettes, edgy attitude and unique details to inspire confidence. Inspired by her love of travel, her designs are seasonless and versatile- from flip flops to heels, its a modern collection for all your destinations.

Retail Price Range: $155-555

currently based in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
US phone number: 1-646-602-1283
Japan cel phone: (81)90-6020-7865
contact: Nicola Fan

Magnes Sisters

Company: Our new collection is called "in the city" collection, and like our first line it has a "modern vintage" feel to it. The bags are made for city living, where the commute is your life, but have all girls in mind. Every bag has multiple pockets, detachable straps, some even have space for your umbrella and all look fabulous!

Retail Price Range: $180-400

address: 251 West 39th St. 8th Floor NY NY 10018
phone: 212.938.0078

Tori Nichel

Company: Tori Nichel is a contemporary sportswear collection. Many consumers say that Tori Nichel is “accessible luxury” at it’s best. Known for her impeccable tailoring techniques and her sexy-chic dresses, Tori Nichel dresses the women who is self assured and out to be seen. The billowing silk dresses, with hemlines on high alert will make any style maven a holiday bombshell.

Retail Price Range: $298-798

Tori Nichel, Brooklyn, NY
Contact person: Tori

Kikis 4 Kukorus

Company: Kikis for Kukorus is a handbag collection by a design collective of 3 from Florence, Italy and NYC. The collection is always inspired from our travels and is infused with the cultures we encounter (Italy, England, Morocco,Turkey). We use supple Italian leathers and a variety of novelty fabrics and pay close attention to our trim and lining details. The Kikis Girl wants something individualistic, feminine and functional.We currently sell in Italy, Japan and the USA. Lookout for a Kikis Bag in a store near you.....

Retail Price Range: $230-450

phone # : 646.707.0137

Antoinette Lee

Company: Antoinette Lee Designs focuses on using the highest quality leathers, suede, and hardware. Handbags are a reflection of a woman’s identity, so we offer a variety of styles to fit your every need.

Retail Price Range: $200-450

contact person: Antoinette

Wendy Brandes

Company: Jewelry designer Wendy Brandes is strongly influenced by the history of powerful women and the jewelry they wore. Each piece in the 18K gold Vivat Regina collection is named for a different queen (Vivat Regina means "Long live the Queen" in Latin). The It Girls pieces take their names and personalities from cool women ranging from kings' paramours to Swinging '60s chicks to fabulous family and friends. The Eden collection is inspired by nature. The line is available online and at Kaviar andKind in Los Angeles, Calif.

Retail Price Range: $450-14,000

contact person: Wendy Brandes

Zeto Clothing

Company: Zeto blends form and function with its playful yet mature designs.Whether charmed by the subtle and intricate beauty of each garment orattracted by the clean, minimalist lines, each piece in zeto’scollections are a declaration of individual expression.Established in 2001 by fashion designer Nami Ogawa and artist BrianHolderman, zeto approaches the production process from a holisticperspective - assembling complete outfits that convey an artisticsensibility appealing to the diverse tastes of today’s progressiveyouth market. With keen focus on innovation, zeto pays utmostattention to detail - using only the highest quality originalfabrics, custom-dyes, light weight inks, and in-house artwork topunctuate each piece of clothing. Borrowing equal influence from bothJapanese and American culture, zeto’s sophisticated yet contemporarymetropolitan aesthetic pays homage to the elegant styles of the pastbut with eyes fixed on the future.

Retail Price Range: $90-220

Address: ZETO INC.
1113 E. Carson st. 2nd Fl
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
phone. 412-481-0149
contact person: Nami Ogawa

Ashley Watson

Company: Each Ashley Watson product is handcrafted from recycled leather found at charity thrift stores. The material is carefully selected for its unique detailing and the quality of the soft, gently worn leather. By utilizing the material’s original features, Ashley will personally design a handbag or wallet that is truly unique to each owner. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed for a woman who is not only modern and stylish but also ethical.

Retail Price Range: $75-360

Address: Ashley WatsonRecycled Leather Bags
Studio 23-1579 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6J 1W6
contact person: Amanda Rawlings

Steel Couture

Company: Designer Lisa Fortin has been creating jewelry and accessories from within New York City’s most progressive neighborhoods for nearly 10 years. She recently relocated from the burgeoning art community of Bushwick to Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s well-established heart of music, art, and fashion. Steel Couture is what happens when rigid materials such as steel, brass, 14K gold, and sterling silver are manipulated to create soft and feminine shapes. Each piece reflects Lisa’s innovative styling, intricate attention to detail, and rock-n-roll aesthetic. Distinctive findings keep her work fresh and unique; the craft of chainmail has become Lisa's signature style.

Retail price range: $40-240

address- 146 N 7th St. Brooklyn NY 11211phone/fax- 646.260.5595
contact person: Lisa

Makool Clothing

Company: A whimsical young miss line, that's ethically and sustainably produced.

Retail Price Range: $50-300

address- po box 86561portland, oregon 97206
contact person: anisa makhoul


Company: Popomomo’s debut Fall collection featured draping and simple cuts, resulting in complex shapes and garments for the intelligent, confidentand feminine customer. Moving into spring, Popomomo focuses on easy yetsculptural pieces, playing with proportion, gathering and structureddetails, resulting in an elegantly engineered collection. Popomomo usessustainable fabrics and production methods.

Retail Price Range: $98-192

address: 2312 Fargo St Los Angeles, CA 90039
phone/fax: 215.205.1640



Company: Polli creates unique and contemporary jewellery, designed and made in Australia. Using materials like stainless steel and anodized aluminum Polli is a hybrid of both product and fashion design. The designs feature intricate patterns inspired by different cultures including Japanese, Scandinavian and Middle Eastern.

Retail Price Range: $40-200

Location/Contact: Polli Pty Ltd
address – 155 St Johns Road Glebe NSW 2037 AUSTRALIA
phone/fax - + 61 2 9692 8730 / + 61 2 9692 8736
email –
website –
contact person – Tess Lloyd or Maja Bartlett